5 Cutting-edge Technology that is Becoming a Concern of the World

Growing times then change also will always happen and certainly become increasingly sophisticated. The man creates technology solely to facilitate the human activity. But not all such technology helps humans can instead be mutually destroyed another human being. Check out the following five cutting-edge technology that is feared would ruin the world.

1. Google Glass

Google's most recent invention it is a clever sophistication with glasses that makes people worry.

These glasses can be clicked the photo and record video with voice commands like surveillance cameras or paparazzi. Moreover, it also can recognize a person's face and the device can be used as spies.

This is due to its ability, Google violates human privacy Glass and some restaurants have already banned its use. Google Glass also can damage the eyes and danger if used in children age 13 and under.

2. 3D printers

The printer is printing press writings and images on top of paper media. The discovery of the last humans successfully creates 3D printer so that the printed results in the form of an item. The image is printed in three-dimensional version that transformed from digital models before.

Over the years the price of the printer is also increasingly affordable. This model printer as it is feared many purchased human to make a weapon to destroy another human being.

3. The aircraft without Crew

Well, ever heard the story of the war in Afghanistan that the United States launched its technology i.e. aircraft without a crew?

The aircraft without the crew was developed in order to operate independently with no humans inside. The aircraft was simply relying on remote controls from somewhere. Some agencies also are estimated to have already piloted the aircraft.

It's just a happening concern aircraft could be abused others. For example, attack other countries with weapons of destruction is provided, or surveillance cameras.

4. Automatic Car

Google's been doing free trial vendors a car without a steering wheel, this car will recognize the path with its own provided radar and computers. So people don't have to drive myself when going somewhere.

Maybe this car is quite useful for those who are blind, proper nursing or tuna. Because they will be comfortable driving a car without needing the ability view and driving. It's just if there is damage to the computerized system make this car even towards evil.

5. the Hadron Collider

This is a cutting-edge human invention by CERN or Institute of Sciences in the territory of Europe. The discovery of a particle accelerator with energy powers the largest and highest in the world.

Located in Geneva Switzerland stretching along 27 kilometers and was at a depth of175 meters. The purpose of this creation is to solve the mystery of nature during this semester in question the scientists of physics.

The work of the Hadron Collider this is making proton – proton collided each other in speed of light so that it can create powerful energetic particles. Effects of Hadron Collider work thus could create a black hole in the bottom of the Earth. This hole also allegedly can damage the Earth slowly.

In recent times, the Hadron Collider test experience problems and feared going out of control as well as disastrous to the Earth.

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