How to improve your Pageview Blog with Iframe

How to improve your Pageview Blog with Iframe-on this occasion, I will explain how to improve your pageview with the iframe, what really can ya sob, eits wait a minute, this is not the script cheating or blackhat as auto script click advertising, this white line or whitehat, fear not.

For those who do not know for sure you are confused when I first heard what that iframe. So, before discussing how to increase traffic through an iframe script, we willget acquainted first with the name of the iframe.
improve your Pageview Blog with Iframe


In the world of website/blogger, there is html code that can be used to create a frame (frame), by default we could write it with <frame> and then ends with </frame>.

Continue to do what donk with a pageview? So here, with the iframe, then we can also utilize frames (frame) to display the web or another blog in our blog. For example, my friend wanted to display the blog on the blog of my friend, then your blog will get a pageview also from a blog plastered.

Well how tuh his code? to make the iframe yg showing web or other blog PAL can write code like this

<iframe align="center" frameborder="0" src="http://bloganu.blogspot.com/" width="500" height="460" scrolling="yes"></iframe>

Replace http://bloganu.blogspot.com/with your blog, please play around with value align, frameborder, width, height or value scrolling you can also replace it with "auto".
Well if you want to change the value of the iframe hidden Width and Height to 0
It looks like:

<iframe align="center" frameborder="0" src="http://bloganu.blogspot.com/" width="0" height="0" scrolling="yes"></iframe>

Back to topic, then what to do with our blog traffic increase? It is, i.e. matey showingblog anu in your blog (with an accompanying code iframe) then actually blog anu will receive traffic from the opening pages of reply can be said to be displayed, such as "false traffic".

In addition, for the blog which have own hosting this certainly will be more damning the hosting, well to suggestions please use Blogspot or Hostingan Server. That's the way Increasing Pageview Blog with Iframe
Please try it and good luck.

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