The Precise Way of knowing the High CPC Adsense Ads

The precise way of knowing the High CPC Adsense ads - When the note is currently the bloggers would love looking high and low values of their Google Adsense CPC. Why Is It So? Because the value of the CPC of Adsense is very influential our earnings improvement is important to. I have little experience I can from various sources on how to improve the value of the CPC of Adsense and remember all is not as easy as sitting sweet dream hand turned over every month can be tens of millions of money isn't as easy as it's all needed process and hard work you build quality articles/content better and interesting results of creation itself is not the result of someone's article copy paste. well, this time I will start discussing about how to find out the High CPC ads below to read and understand.

How to find out the characteristics of the ads that have paid high CPC:

  1. Open your blog and navigate the cursor on the ads in the form of the image right above it.
  2. Look at the bottom of the browser window (Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Maxthon, Uc Browser etc.).
  3. If there is a link with the name googleadservice indicates if the ad is in a click, CPC his relatively moderate to low.
  4. Then in in the top right corner of your Google Adsense ads, there is a writing text ads by Google means the kind of advertising that goes to Google Adwords in coverage area of Indonesia. Usually, this is determined by the type of language in the blog.Different in its booth at the bearing AdChoices.
  5. Then, the hallmark of the Adsense ads with high payout is when the mouse cursor enters the adsense ads at the bottom of the browser no links and if there is a link not the googleads-g-doubleclick but adgoogle, adchoicesnetwork, adclicks-dblck and so on. It indicates the type of Network used is Google Invite Media (Asia) which has afair amount of high CPC. But sometimes also get into network googleadservices.

How to Identify the value of his CPC ads are low:

  1. Pay attention to your blog site that installed your Adsense account, and then post an ad of type Text_Ads. Usually it is written the name of the blog/website that whenon-click visitors then it will redirect to the url.
  2. Based on the pictures, you can open the url links without having to click on an ad.

Then take note of the following tips:

If the page you visited there are google Adsense ads, please also blocked the web.Do I just like using google Adsense filters.
If the page is not of relevance to the theme of your blog, pay attention to the language used in English do not block this web. If the English and not relevan please delete.
If on that page, there are many words that are not feasible or promote the product but not the place to buy and sell sites please you blocked.

Additional tips:

"Impose to write keyword CPC high-value"

I still see a lot of the bloggers are newbies who want to run Adsense, force myself towrite a keyword that is ' expensive ' but in no way mastered that topic.

I think it rather than adding to earnings, but quite the contrary would destroy earnings. Why? As this relates to the continuity and consistency of your blog.

If you want to get the most out of getting money from blogging, just do it the things you love to do.

"Never once in a while manipulate the behavior of advertising"

This includes targeting, how the appearance, design and so on in any way that is not explicitly allowed by Adsense.

Maybe that's all I can share about the value of the CPC of Adsense. Advice, diligent-diligent is a weighted wrote articles, full of keyword qualified and certainly the works themselves. Hopefully this article is beneficial to us all.

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