The Script Improve Adsense Revenue from Mobile Users

The Script Improve Adsense revenue from Mobile Users - Has you guys visit a website/blog using mobile phone, smartphone or gadgets there are ads that are embedded in the bottom of the website? As in the picture below

Well, the installation script of the ad as it did I add my Google Adsense earnings. Do not believe? trying to prove himself.

to feature mobile ads themselves actually already part of our Google Adsense ad units. you guys can check on new ad creation and select mobile for his size/size.
This way himself was the same as the admob banner in android applications. where there are advertising on the part of the application that we use.

For those of you who want to try making it, can check out the tutorial below.

Tutorial to install the Mobile Adsense on Blogger

This way can only be used on blog use platform Blogger only. following the tutorial for wordpress. but for those of you guys who are good at coding can be applied. because it is essentially the same. we just call the css and html only.

1. The first step, please login to blogger you guys you guys, and then select a template and then edit the HTML.
2. Find the code </style> and put the following code right above the code </syle>
#tutorialads_mobile { bottom: 0; position: fixed; width: 100%;height:50px; opacity: 0.9; left: 0;display:none } @media only screen and (max-width:400px){#tutorialads_mobile{display:inherit}}
3. Save the Template, then go to layout/layout = > Add Widget/Add Widgets = > Select Html/Javascript

4. attach the code below in the column html/javascript last
<div class='tutorialads_mobile' id='tutorialads_mobile' style='text-align:center; z-index: 9999;'>
Put the adsense ad code is responsive here

5. Finally save and then check via phone or android you. If do not have please borrow friends

Please replace the code red with adsense code you
I need to know and remember, put an ad on this type can lead to a heart attack suddenly because the adsense ctr (click) you guys become higher. If the previous ctr you guys in the top 5% I suggest to not use this trick. But if you guys are still ctr between 1-3% use this trick does not matter.
the downside of this model is adsense advertising is its low cpc, namely the range of 0.3-0.5 dollar in this famine, but if cpc normal u.s. can usually rata2 approximately0.6 dollars, please try, but must be careful account or risky us blog to banned because of invalid clicks if the visitor of the website is still a little bit.

Please use it wisely.
Hopefully helpful

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