What is Bounce Rate in Histats, do affect Serp?

on this occasion, I will explain what is bounce rate in histats,

Where bounce rate was obtained?

Website statistics that show data for a long time (time/visit) and also the pageview/visit is a variable that can be used to measure bounce rate of your website/blog. Visit under 45 seconds will generally be categorized into bounce. Single-page visits, or one pageview for one visitor will also be hailed as a bounce. Two pageview by visitors is the minimal amount so as not to fall into the category of bounce.
E.g. now open A page and then he go to page B well that time is counted in the page A while longer in page B will not be known until he moved to another page.
What is Bounce Rate in Histats

If he's after reading A page and immediately moved to another blog no doubt read 0 or 100% bounce
Generally, users who like it is the intermediate grades mean I am not new people know the internet, grades may already be proficient or expert because they know what they want and what's in the search.

The content also strongly influences how long time users want to stick around and read the article that we make. Generally, the user enjoys lingering on a page because there is something interesting to read.
Try the check again wrote an article which has bounce 100% what the article interesting? the origin of writing? too informative so that once read people immediately understand?

While for the turn of the theme is also not influence too much, this could I observe myself from my blog. because like the clean and simple blog, visitors easily find the ones in the search without trouble great for them but not good made for us. Create a template that makes the visitor confused which article where ads may also be managed to slow down the visitor to close the open page.
It might be worthwhile to the target audience who first recognize the estimated age and education so that it can write articles and determine an appropriate theme.
Well, that is all I can describe what is bounce rate I was looking for from a variety of sources, may be useful.

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