4 Causes of Bloggers Copy and Paste Other People's Articles

science blogging that there can be said to continue to grow rapidly over time. This was the proof that the development of the current blog has grown very well. Well, this blog is supposed to be the development of the bloggers already know that only original content without copy and paste is the best thing for her blog.

But the fact is, we are still in the field found the existence of a blog – blogs are content created by displaying the article copy paste (copas). Of course, this is very contrary to the rules and guidelines for writing and blogging. However, we need to ask is why until today there are still ya bloggers copy and paste? Here's the explanation.
Causes of Bloggers Copy and Paste

1. Blogger does not believe in the Ability of self-

The first thing that causes the still or many bloggers copy and paste is the presence of distrust in the ability of self. This attitude does not believe in the ability of self is indeed very likely to make a blogger will make the article copy paste. This of course is a very bad thing and no good. Because blogger who is also an author shall be deemed to tarnish rules and writing guidelines as well as the science blog.

As befits the task itself while in school, then working on blog content with originality/authenticity itself is the thing to do for a blogger. But it's also not just a matter of originality, but also about an honesty. When you do a copy paste to meet the blog then you can be regarded as a dishonest and certainly also you branded as a plagiarism.

Then start from now don't get this copy paste activities you do though only once. Because if you have habits you will be compelled to do it again and again. If this is the case then you could certainly be having a dependency on other people to do the copy paste article. Be rest assured in beliefs in yourself so that you will be spared from the action of copy paste other people's articles.

2. Not interested in learning to write

The next thing that could lead to the existence of a blogger copy paste that is the lack of interest of the blogger to learn to write. In addition, to not confident in writing,bloggers who have no interest in learning to write can also cause them to do plagiarism by copy and paste. When a person jumped into the blogging world, indeed they must inevitably also be dealing with the world of writing.

This is where the well from a blogger also must be at least have an interest in the world of writing. The lack of interest in writing will make a blogger this instant do copy paste. The author says the blogger instant because bloggers copy and paste will not last long and will soon stop by itself. This is because they will not get any results from his blogging activities.

3. Too concerned with Quantity than quality Articles

The next thing could be the cause of such a blogger doing copy paste is too focused them on the quantity (amount) of the article rather than the quality of an article. Yes, more and more published articles will indeed make a blog will be the fast and much-visited visitor. But believe me that this will not last long. Do not believe?

Because Google already has its own system for placing blog-blog or website that have the value and originality of content. So as much as any article content is posted if it turns out that content copy paste then this will be useless and will not create their blog. Thus treasure only good quality content in making articles for the blog. Although a bit of original quality then Google will love it.

4. Not serious about building a Blog and just looking for loose change

Lastly, the this is most often the things that make a blogger doing copy paste is because of the lack of seriousness in making the blog and just looking for loose change. The absence of intent and seriousness in running the activity of blogging will indeed make a person does not have the passion and the passion for writing articles well. So instead of writing a quality article, they then tend to do plagiarism or copy paste.And most bloggers who do not intend to make a blog and seriousness, they are people who are just looking for a dime in the blog.

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