5 Kinds of HTML Functions

Starting from a previous language widely used in the world of publishing and printing called SGML (Standard Generalized Markup Language), HTML is a standard that is widely used to display web pages.

5 Kinds of HTML Functions

As for the HTML function in detail as follows:

1. Create a Web page

HTML as a programming language has special functions in the form of code-code that is organised so that the formed web pages that are cool and interesting. As the development time of HTML has indeed become friends for a blogger, why becauseat this time the blogger Indonesia also was able to make a web template design is very elegant and classy world. Also many sites local template maker from the Republic of Indonesia of the beloved.

2. Display information in any form on your Internet Browser

The next function of HTML is to display the information in any form on the internet browser, it's true the existence of privilege because one of the HTML code is able to turn itself into a form of multimedia/application.

3. Create a Link to a specific page (link)

Link to a specific page or link in a world called the internet indeed can only be donewith HTML. Indeed many forms used to create the links, but they also form created using HTML. For more details on the functions of HTML in the form, please read the next function.

4. Create an interactive Form

Yaps, as previously the main seasoning is indeed in HTML to make interactive form that is usually mounted on a website/site. But over time, we do not need to create aform using HTML anymore because there are already many free sites that provide the creation form. The biggest site in the creation form is Google Drive, indeed Google as the biggest internet company in the world no doubt if seen in terms of facilities provided to its users.

5. Mengintegerasikan sound files and Record live images

Many found the music labelled site so that visitors will feel astonished. But the use of music on the site assessed be weakness because it will add to the burden of loading the site.
To record live images also been rampant in almost all sites both local and foreign, usually live images used as advertisment/ad.

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