5 SEO Tricks that will Harm Your Blog

SEO tricks that will harm your blog – to be able to appear on the first page of the google search engine, with bloggers sometimes use all kinds of ways to reach the goal,without thinking if suppose that way actually can be an issue on her blog a while. Indeed if for example on early will be easy and fun and felt an instant and quick in doing so. But why do we not "casual" course in SEO is using every trick in stages without doing the work illegal, because one time action that will put your blog from the serp.
Keep any Tricks/how can drop a blog from serp? Let's check out his review.

1) Selling backlinks.

The trick can backlink instantly from the blog domain berpageRank domain high indeed feels to index easy and fast without having struggled, however, to imagine that the OmGoogle caught, Wow originally his intention to want to fast and instant event "fast andModyar". Hehe

SOLUTION: create a post or a comment that makes others in awe to your blog later with like that, they will be automatically linked to your blog. Or if you want to buy Backlinks to do directly with the contact to seller manually.

2) Affiliate Link on the blog.

I also do not know exactly why Google hates all the same affiliate? It looks like Google did not like at all the things that smell commercial. Yes if Let's say you still want to put an affiliate link on your blog, don't most later found out google can be critical.

Solution: Immediately increase your ad revenue and focus as well as leave your affiliate.

3) Added a Link on the blog spammers.

Try note your dofollow blog and lyrics of people who link their comment, if go to page that is not true and at the same hate si Om Google e.g. blog download pirated music, video and pirated sites bok * p, quickly remove his comments. Do not let your blog be considered spam by google.
Solution: Make Nofollow non good Blog let me secure

4) Blog that often are not active.

There are times when the Google Robots to visit your blog and hosting server you use is being dead. Well, it could be your blog which were originally second above could plunged fell down.

Solution: use a trusted web hosting. or just use blogspot because google's.

5) Post CopyPaste.

OK deh, you and I also know right, if for example the posting results copy paste it can damage our image in the eyes of other bloggers and also in Google's eyes. COBA deh penance from now or at least baseball most posts results on its own or other blog article rewrite but in the edit used to use its own language before publish.

Solution: Nofollow links to duplicate content, the content in the URrobots.txt block, or use Google's Canonical tag

In the end, all the way to your dependent. You want to take the easy and quick way, which then easily and quickly also fall or you ambli way "relaxed" and slowly to build your blog into the top spot. OK, SEO was Relaxed not necessarily quickly. Remember the article that is not only seen by google robots but also human, Share if this article was helpful.

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