5 Stages to Get to the first page on Google with Any Keyword

Anyone said SEO was not an exact science.
That is, they cannot guarantee that the website or the content they create can enter page 1 in Google.
Or even rank 1.

Although he said the content was already qualified.

Then, on the other hand, there is content that is ugly, not qualified, but it can be ranked 1 Beat website the website is better.
Because of this, many consider SEO was the chance.

But it's not true.

There are ways that we can do to guarantee 100% keyword we seek entry into page 1, even rank 1.

I will go to all her secrets.
There are 3 things that I need to notify:

I didn't pay a dime to use the services of SEO, backlinks, SEO Contest, etc. Everything is done by yourself
I don't use black hat techniques such as creating zombie blog, PBN, and/or software maker backlink
To get into page 1, the content of the above takes between 2-5 months

I didn't say that this way is very easy, but I believe this can be done by everyone if they want a little trying.

Let's get started.

1. Find out the type of content that is required for your chosen keyword

It's not just the content of the article, yeah right?

But since the article was the easiest kind of content, usually people always make the content in the form of articles for any keyword.

This is the danger.

Google knows what content is needed for a keyword.

If for example in a keyword turns required that the content in the form of product pages, video, or tool, then the content of the article will not be able to get a rank 1.

2. To understand the factors that affect the ranking in Google

Already familiar with SEO definitely a direct answer: "Backlinks".

Indeed, the main factor is indeed the backlink ...

... but it's not that simple.

Backlinks can indeed affect the ranking of a website, but NOT ALL backlinks can affect the rankings. Even if a wrong is precisely the negative influence.

It's not at all the backlinks.

It's kind of different, the quality is also different.
This has no effect and could even be the negative impact:

Using bold/italic/underline in keyword
Write keyword several times in the content
Many of the headings (H1, H2, H3, ...) that contains the keyword
Share content automatically to social media
Install backlink in blog comments, social bookmarking, guest book, and the like
Create backlinks from web 2.0, Private Blog Network (PBN), and zombie blog

3. Create content that could invite a backlink

From the explanation above, we already agreed that it was contextually backlink & editorial the greatest effect.

But let's re-think ...

... why the hell people still like search backlinks with how to submit to social bookmarking, guest book, blog comments, whereas black hat techniques and not nice?

There are 2 reasons:

First, because it is easy.
Live submit directly can backlink.
Though not as well. Difficult, because its influence is very small. So you must submit it to hundreds or thousands of new website the effect started to become visible

(even if not subject to penalty).

Second, because no one wants to give you a backlink.
If you are a website owner (mainly blogger), would understand what I mean. Each time you make an article, no one wants to give you a backlink.
Somewhere there is a blogger that you don't know. The bloggers make this article that mediocre, nothing special ...

... whether you as a website owner will willingly give you a backlink?


Give doing backlink, ya right ... the usual content only ...

Then from that we need 8 this recipe.

8 recipe that we use, our content will be so extraordinary. More good stuff, interesting, quality content, rather than the other. More special.

So the content we have a great opportunity to get a backlink.

This is Recipe:
Recipes 1 – a topic that can be used as a reference
Recipe 2 – Contains statistical data/trusted
Recipe 3 – pride over personal identity
Recipes 4 – more fully than others
Recipe 5 – Contents can be directly applied
Recipe 6 – Build positive relationships with other website owners
Recipe 7 – has assets worth
Recipe 8 – sparked controversy

4. Create content with higher quality than those on page 1 of Google

In a nutshell, here's 3 steps you would do to create content based on these methods:
Collect the best articles in the same topic
Increase its contents so that our articles so the best
Promote to the right people (discussed in point 5 below)

5. Promote your content to go into page 1

The higher competition, it should process the content promotion is getting longer.Even if need be until many months.

Until the target is reached, page 1.

(but not necessarily every day ... just do not abandon)

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