500% Traffic Website Increase with the Paid Way

For those of you who don't want to wait for the optimization process by way of free, then pay way can be done to get the traffic towards your blog/website to your business. Advertise on some media can provide a very good impact in increasing traffic, yet not too extravagant, it's good we select media that is really effective and in line with the target business site.

The following are some ways to improve the blog/website visitor traffic by way of paying:

1. Advertise on Social Media sites

Facebook is social media the most effective way to advertise because the conversion of ads on social media this one proved to be very good. In Facebook Ads we can choose the most appropriate target audience with categories that we need, this is what will affect the effectiveness of the ads that we put.

Based on my experience, put an ad in Facebook Ads very easily done. We can arrange how much budget do we want to spend on a click on your ad, and we can also set up the appropriately targeted audience with our business.

2. Install PPC advertising

Google Adwords is PPC advertising media provider in the most famous at the moment. The Google-owned company already has a network of advertisers (advertiser) and publisher with an overwhelming amount of many around the world, including inIndonesia. The advantages of Google Adwords is advertising that appear on the website of the publisher they are ads that fit the article.

I personally have never put an ad on Google Adwords, but there are plenty of testimonials from advertisers who say they are satisfied with the Google Adwords service and provide the positive impact to their business. Well, for those of you who want to get a potential traffic towards your business site, there is no harm in trying out Google Adwords.

3. Place an ad in the Classifieds Site Online

Another way to get traffic to your blog/business website is to utilize the Classifieds site. There is actually many Classifieds site that gives a space classified ads for free,b effectively input I'd recommend a paid because usually, the result is much better than the free stuff.


We don't have to do all the marketing strategies to get traffic towards our site. We have to understand about our own sites in advance so we can know which more effective strategies to increase traffic to our website/blog visitors. Sometimes a freeway more effective, however, in many cases, the paid way more effectively providing potential traffic for your blog/website is our business. In addition, we should also pay attention to things that relate to the quality of our website, such as the quality of content, navigation systems, loading speed, and others. Hopefully this article helped.

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