Amazon Go Officially Introduced, To The Cashier Without Practical Shopping

Amazon continues to innovate, this time the e-commerce giant opens a new store where buyers can pick up food (groceries) which they need and then straight away without having to queue up at the cashier and checkouts. Yes, it's more like you could take the needs of just about anything in the store without the complicated transactions in the cashier.

According to Amazon, shoppers who want to shop for groceries at Amazon need Go will have a bill on their Amazon Prime account. Sensor Fusion will keep track of your customers when choosing a product and will track them when customers leave the store. So all of the total cost of the shopping cart unaccounted automatically to your Amazon Prime. Amazon employees already can shop at first near the corporate headquarters in Seattle, the United States will be open to the public at the beginning of next year. The leaked internal documents suggest Amazon able to open 2,000 stores across the land of Uncle Sam. The company's beginnings is a small e-commerce grew rapidly during the 22 years that says if Amazon Go shopping technology is most advanced in the world. "With our shopping experience you only need to walk alone, just use Amazon applications Go to be able to go into the store, and take all the product you need, then go. No lines, no checkout queue items at the checkout, because this is really practical. This could be real because the Amazon using Computer Vision with Deep Learning Algorithm that is able to identify which products you take. It is this technology that they refer to as "Just Walk Out". The good news AmazonGo would soon open to the public at the beginning of the year 2017 in some cities such as Seattle and Washington. Check out the video below to see how sophisticatedAmazon Go.

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