How to Get a US Debit Card Payoneer, Very Easy !!!

1. What is the Payoneer Debit Card?

Payoneer debit card is MasterCard International, which has more advantages when compared to a regular credit card. You can control the expense, because you know exactly how Your balance balance amount. Payoneer debit card MasterCard you can enjoy all the facilities like the one in ordinary credit cards. Starting cash withdrawals at the ATM with MasterCard, shopping at a merchant, online shopping, transfer the balance, etc. You're business on amazon, clikbank, CJ, stiforp, infolink, etc?, time waiting to come and check the liquid? Take advantage of on-site Payment Service from payoneer, so the results of business dollars from this directly entered to the account could immediately and payoneer you pull directly on the ATM so no need to wait months to check the liquid.

2. The functions and benefits of Payoneer Debit Card

  1. Can online shopping/international and not limited in Indonesia only.
  2. Can verify paypal, google checkout, payza, FB ads, rent domain hosting.
  3. Free limit/fit the available balance.
  4. Can cash withdrawals directly at the nearest ATM with MASTERCARD or shopping at the supermarket.
  5. Able to sell VCC/Virtual Creditcard.
  6. Able to take care of US Payment Service Apply (USA Bank account).
  7. Can withdraw profit from Amazon, Paypal, infolinks, MarketHealth, Stiforp and other BO.
  8. As a secure virtual card along with your original credit card.
  9. Could be for transactions that require a credit card data.
  10. Small fee compared to the Creditcard in General.
  11. There is no need of any requirements, instantly APPROVE.
  12. To check balance/payment statement transaction had occurred.

3. Requirements List on the Payoneer Debit Card

  1. Have ID Card (could use ID in Google, but better Personal ID CARD)
  2. Email

4. How to register on the Payoneer Debit Card

  1. Use http://goo.gl/vCPi00 to get a Refferal Link balance of $25, the balance will be given us one between refferal and refferring fill balance $100
  2. Use Real ID (if no ID card, can use the Google ID. .. Do Not wrong)
  3. Use A Different Telephone Numbers Per List
  4. Billing Address Match ID
  5. Shiping Address Match The Address Of The Real
  6. Wait for the first Email, if not long ago there've second email = 100% failed. If waiting around 30-60menit, emerging second email = 100% Approved
  7. Sweet Sitting Waiting For Pak Post Coming

Payoneer Debit Card Advantages

  1. Guaranteed-Payoneer continue to improve their technology to ensure the privacy of customers. Payoneer complies with all the applicable online payment rules.
  2. Safe-you will receive a replacement card and your balance will be transferred to a new card if your old card is missing.
  3. Flexible-Payoneer offers a selection of large scale and adapted for everyone. Payoneer account owners can transfer funds to your card and allows you to perform fast bank transfer services with Global Bank transfers.
  4. Currency-no need to convert funds into the local currency. MasterCard will automatically switch currencies at competitive prices.
  5. Easy-payoneer Platform is an easy to use online banking without too much technical and can be used anywhere.
  6. Cost effective – you will be able to avoid the large costs associated with shipping the money out of the country. Payoneer set a hefty monthly fee is low compared to other similar programs.
  7. Guaranteed finance – you will only spend that amount of money on a debit card, not a credit card. This will allow you to manage your budget properly and responsibly.

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