Must Read! 4 Rules for a Programmer

Every profession has its code of ethics usually each. Refer to Wikipedia, the code of ethics is the ethics order which was agreed upon by a specific community group. Code of ethics we can refer to as guidelines for the professional in the work. With such hopes ideally client/company that employs or uses the service may be spared from the behavior is not professional.
This code of ethics is expected to be a guideline for anyone who wrestles in the world of software engineering. The following details:

1. Contribute to public life.

Programmers have to develop computer systems that can reduce the negative impact on the community as a social and security threats, and can make activities and work that much easier. The programmer should build something with high standards.

Avoid things that can harm others.

The computer system has a direct impact, not to third parties. The system can cause a loss of information and resources, and it is dangerous for the user, the public, or worker. Therefore, software developers must minimize the risk by following the standard design and testing.
Be honest and trustworthy. This principle encourages programmers to more honest and conscious of the limitations of their knowledge when writing out the computer system. Also, if the programmer knowing there is a mistake in the system, he can report immediately to avoid unwanted things.

2. Give the award for intellectual assets.

The software developer is strictly forbidden to acknowledge the work of others, even when the program is not protected by the "copyright" or "patent". They should recognize and acknowledge the work/other people's work, and they must use their own ideas to develop software.

3. Respect the privacy of others.

The computer system could be abused by some people in violation of the privacy of others. Software developers must write programs that can protect the user information that can ward off people are not known (not licensed) to access such information.

4. Respect confidentiality.

The software developer must be willing to keep the secret of his work and any related information related information project that he was working if the client or the company wants it.

Let be a good software developer, hopefully useful!

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