The Easy Steps to Generate a Bitcoin

What is Bitcoin it?

As a blogger or something surely, Bro knows such thing as electronic payment instruments, ex: PayPal, payza, perfectmoney, etc. Bitcoin pun is one of alternative electronic payment media, meaning buddy physically does not hold his money, so money is virtual money, but although virtual, money in the bitcoin can be converted to real money.

The Workings Of The Bitcoin

After the previous I discussed what is bitcoin, this time will be i explain how the workings of the bitcoin. Bitcoin is a first implementation of the concept of money crypto (crypto-currency), whereby control, publishing, and money transactions are governed by the Cryptography. Cryptography is the science that studies mathematical techniques related to aspects of the security or confidentiality of the information.

Bitcoin called currency, including decentralization, which means there is not a person, agency or a specific country that acts as the controller of the currency. This fastening design by its creator to avoid from political influence and a monopoly bank.

Information ownership of the money in the form of specific code can be stored in a variety of media, whether it be a file on your local computer, cell phones, Flash, or in other media. Proprietary information is referred to as a wallet (wallet).

Everyone can have an unlimited number of wallets are free of charge, making Internet connections or the registration process. Inside the wallet is the encryption code of ter-to get historical data transactions from Internet network, by reading this data, the owner can find out how much money is saved in the wallet.

Each wallet has a name or address of the bitcoin-address or simply the address. by using this address one can Transact Bitcoin as sending or receiving SMS/email. This address is a row of letters all 34 alpha-numeric characters, for example 1UsrTKRpKKBohxoJiK5LG6UgAipkTKpmt

There is various services website (one mtgox.com) that provides the traditional money exchange services (such as the US $ and other currencies) to Bitcoin, so through this website users can buy or sell exchange rate in accordance with bitcoin Bitcoin then.

The exchange rate against the US $ Bitcoin when this article was created is US $ per 1017 1 BTC, at the time of the initial developed roughly in 2009, bitcoin has a very small exchange rate, where when it's someone once transaction by issuing up to 10000 BTC to Pizza, just imagine if exchanged for now? Pizza Factory is purchased!

The steps got dollar bitcoin:

  1. You must have a wallet to save the BTC you get, create https://blockchain.info/wallet/new click here (price 1 BTC for now 10.050.000/1 Rp BTC)
  2. Next click on the confirmation link that goes to the email you register, his first log into wallets that you just created. There is no Address Bitcoin (BTC) you are in shape like this 1UsrTKRpKKBohxoJiK5LG6UgAipkTKpmt which was later used to send or receive a Bitcoin.
  3. After your wallet on the make., please search the BTC, sign up here: FREE BITCOIN(fill the left new user)
  4. Your Bitcoin Address Address in the content, Your BTC last shaped like this: 1UsrTKRpKKBohxoJiK5LG6UgAipkTKpmt
  5. Once the registration is completed please: Sign UP
  6. After that, there's the captcha shaped numbers., please insert in the blank box below it, Click continues to Roll, then the BTC you will grow.
  7. Do every 1 hour once, then your BitCoin per 1 hour will increase

Some were once every 30 minutes, once a day, some are typing a captcha, etc.
Well, that's just one way to get points in the bitcoin, next will be i give the address of the other website to get points in the bitcoin below

Ane now will let you know which sites provide bitcoin. Almost the same as PTC, You just get a cent, so You each day should visit these sites so that accumulated a lot inYour wallet.

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