The Easy Way To Speed Up Loading Your Blog/Website

Ever experienced loading a long blog? Well, on the occasion of this blessed I will explain how to speed up the loading of the blog with ease. Loading blog which means the loading of the blog, it means when open access a blog page with the speed depending on the immediacy of the internet access and the content of the blog page. Both of these factors greatly affect long or whether the time it takes you to open a blog page.

The Easy Way To Speed Up Loading Your Blog/Website

When internet access is already fast but it's still too slow to open a blog page, that means your blog is being visited has a lot of content so damning loading blog, whether it's widget, html code, or the commercials that are scattered about. How to speed up the loading of the blog to make it easier to be accessed. Follow the steps below. The first way, namely:
Delete or put a Widget/gadget that weight in the bottom of the blog (Footer) such as Translate, the clock in the blog, calendar and more.
And the second is to install the function Scroll in the blog archives, popular Posts, orLabels/categories so as not many eating places.
The third is to shorten the look of the page post using Read More and limiting the number of the display of the article at the beginning of the blog, just 4 to 5 posts only.
Lastly, With the compress the html of your blog.

How to compress an HTML blog

  1. Login to your blog and click template settings. Back up the template used to be (to keep-keep if there is an error).
  2. Click edit HTML. And copy all the code in the your template.
  3. Next, visit the website http://htmlcompressor.com/compressor.html
  4. Paste the code in the copy right of yesteryear to the site above, and click Compress.
  5. Furthermore there will be Notice as below.
  6. Click Change, then compress the site will adjust with the template of the blog, without damaging the functions of blogs that exist.
  7. Next wait until process completed the compress. When you are finished. Copy all the code from http://htmlcompressor.com/compressor.html and compress the results Paste it in the edit HTML blog. And save the template. And Completed.

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