What is SSH and VPS? How to make ssh from vps?

What is SSH?

You must first know what is SSH, SSH is politically subdivided into 2 words IE Secure Shell which mean it is a network that is safe, in the sense we use secure access, computer or laptop and here we are acting as a Client, which each of these has an SSHServer, and this server in the call with VPS.

What Is A VPS?

VPS is divided of three words, namely Virtual Private Servers, we can interpret the roughly is a provider of the private network. VPS is what we often use to create TEMPLATES, we can use a Program like Putty to create a User with the desired Shell, but eachVPS Programming it is not the same in because each VPS has the OS (Operating System) like a Computer, and the Operating System we can choose in accordance with our tastes. VPS is also divided into VPS KVM and OpenVZ VPS, Additionally, there is also an XEN VPS, but hadn't thought of what differences from each of the VPS, I myself often use OpenVZ VPS because it is lighter and tends to have a larger Container to accommodate the User. While in terms of Operating system, VPS is divided into Linux VPS and Windows VPS, I often use Linux VPS and Windows VPS have never used, so here I will be discussing Linux VPS. But don't misunderstand him, Linux VPS can be in control of your computer/Laptop that has Windows OS, it's just for the programming language using VPS Linux-based, and to control it we need the application such as Putty, you can search on Google. Linux VPS itself is generally divided into OS Debian and Centos, both of which have the advantages of each, and how the operation of any different, I recommend to use Debian only because I think it is a little easier than the Centos.

When all you have to provide, ranging from VPS to VPS, you can buy it at the service VPS providers such as Digital Ocean or OneAsiaHost and you can also buy it directly in the groups that offer VPS you can look it up on facebook.

Once you have a VPS, and if you have a VPS is Unmanaged, or not yet installed then you should install it first. what you need to install,
the things that you need to install on a VPS in creating the account by SSH tunneling is.
  1. Dropbear, functioning so that we could use standard connection with Dropbear port 443
  2. OpenSSH is installed, usually, we just live adds Port 80, 109 to our liking.
  3. Web Admin or Webmin is an FTP which makes it easier for us in making the User for how to create an SSH User using Webmin please look here: how to create a User SSH through a special Os Debian Webmin
  4. The third above is an essential component in order to SSH User managed with ease, for other things, such as limit the use of Bandwidth Usage, view user, see the use of Speed Testing Speed, VPS, I create a User Via Putty, how to give Password against user, how to delete a User through Putty

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