Your Blog Is Still Quiet? May Not Have Been in the Google Index

Create article is a thing that must be done for all bloggers, and most chill by the bloggers that is in order for their articles on the index by Google because google index the articles they make then the articles appear in the crawl google when someone searches for a Keyword in accordance with its articles.
fast index google

How to let google index Blog

Therefore at this time will discuss on How Fast Google index this Article. Actually, though we don't either automatically in this way Google will index our articles, but it will probably take quite a long time because without effort also results that we get will not be over unless you frequently update your blog on a regular basis, it is more seen by Google.

If you want to obtain results more and your article fast indexed in google in a way that is extremely easy, so follow these tips I am going to give this article, God willing you'll index by Google, even in a matter of seconds, like which is not very fast, and in this article I provide two ways in order to make the process faster, why, because of the way the second function pushes the first way to jump further into the future.

How to let Google index Fast Articles

The First Way:
  1. Make a new article
  2. Publish articles that you have created earlier
  3. Now open link
  4. https://www.google.com/webmasters/tools/submit-url
  5. Fill in the URL with the URL of the article that you have to create and publish article
  6. Check the part I'm not responsible if any robot, verify the CAPTCHA words
  7. Then Submit The Request
  8. Now you just wait for the course
  9. If you can't wait then please add back the second way below
The Second Way:

  1. Actually quite a way first I guess google is already updating the index your article, but to make it more quickly and directly index, you can use this way as well.
  2. First, you open the Webmaster here
  3. https://www.google.com/webmasters/
  4. After that select the site you want to go
  5. At Dashbor select the Crawling > to take as Google (if in English)
  6. If the English language please see images below
  7. Enter the URL of your article starts from the date until completion
  8. then click FETCH/TAKE then the article will direct terindex by Google
  9. Lastly, please check with your article, how to enter the URL of the article to the Google Search
Okay bro, I think it's pretty tutorial that I can share, may be useful, please squeeze to post comments and SHARE this article in order to make yea, more useful.

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