Tips earned $20,000 per month from a well-known blogger

Tips earned $20,000 per day from a well-known blogger

the explanation is briefly like this tips
1. the Keywords he always target the long tail.
2. Services backlink International does not guarantee your blog Page one.
3. Backlinks it's main qualities.
4. Backlink that besides planting, the index is more important.

1. Target long tail keywords

Well, this ... Already not so the debate again. now it's his long tail keyword. Because the person/visitor that want something specific reply.

Example: Selling cheap shoes new york

Instead, sell shoes cheap ...

Why? because in the long tail, it includes short tail keywords. So yes be great. ... Plus minimize competition.

2. Services for international guarantees of nonbacklink.

Well, that's not an SEO services guarantee. Who can guarantee?
There is another SEO service providers said the guarantee Page one ... Browse first. Lest he targets Keywords Keywords search not there ... Yes definitely Page one, because of a little bit.
If there is competition there is not guarantee ... This international said.

3. Backlinks it's main qualities.

First, the quality of backlinks is assessed from the PR (Page Rank). Now it's different.Because PR is dead.
Now more to the Domain Authority and Page authority (moz), citation flow and trust flow (version majestic), domain and Url Rating Rating (ahrefs version).
So if there's a backlink service refers to the PR, means they are lying.

4. Backlink Index

already plant a backlink but not necessarily index. Although not an index can be checked via a Google search.
Most good tool to check the backlinks it ahrefs.
Well ... If not know his knowledge ... Tens of thousands of backlinks you sow would redundant ... There is absolutely no index.

Services typically use backlink Tool indexers. Let index.
Generally, services that use backlinks Instanlinkindexer. Because there are features Dripfeed.
The fact is. .. Instanlinkindexer is not a tool of SEO experts recommendation index world. You can search your own explanation.

Why? Because this Tool is weak in the right INDEX. So, useless.

So ... Carefully select the service.

The question ... If SEO services is not a guarantee. .. Why should be made of the service?
Good question.

Because of a Blogger that technical thinkers do not need to ... play concept.

looking for backlinks to that technical problem that wastes time. Because of the short time required finding the great authority. In addition, it should be ascertained also wrote a backlink SPAM is not obtainable.

Should give Security Blog backlink.

don't want the right, already a backlink even down your Blog.
Well.. If you are a businessman Online store ... no need to contemplate finding backlinks ... Wasteful.
Focus on strategy. And let the service provider's mother wrote served as technician

See image SEO services through testimoni2 their clients.

Hopefully helpful

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