Type of Credit Card you Must Know

A credit card is a great solution to make payments without having to carry a lot of money when shopping, because of this one payment tool used to change the cash that should be brought to redeemable for goods or services desired at certain places that accept credit card payments. Credit card payment will give rise to an obligation to repay the payment at the agreed time either at once or in installments.
Type of Credit Card

Payment using credit card system is generally not possible for transactions all over the place. Only certain places providing payment facility on this one. Usually, the credit card is used as an alternative to payments made via the internet and shops that provide payment services using a credit card. In fact, the use of credit cards as an alternative payment method is now growing so rapidly because the public felt a credit card have important benefits in payment, as well as more practical to carry. Moreover, the public does not need to carry a lot of cash to shop that can cause malicious intent of the people around him. With all the benefits of the credit card, it's no wonder when the product is not apart from the imposition of the tax as a credit card holder liability on any transactions made.

Credit card ownership must pass several rigorous selection processes. The conditions that must be met if you want to use a credit card is a condition of age, employment, income, documents, administrative, and domicile. Things need to be brought to the attention of credit card ownership is self-control the credit card holder itself. The use of credit cards will give you more freedom to loose credit card holders to obtain goods or grocery shopping ahead of time and bear the costs at the end of the agreed period together. If the credit card holder can not control themselves, often from those who ultimately shopping until the bill reaches a nominal limit given.

When you have satisfied all terms and included in a reasonably private able to manage themselves in using a credit card, then the selection of any type of credit card you need to consider. It could be said to have a credit card is not as easy as volunteered to sign up have a regular savings card. In addition to preparing a variety of terms pretty much and through the selection process, now is the time You select the type of credit card that suits your needs and requirements. Types of credit cards are differentiated into several types, namely on the basis of the limit, the force, and its affiliates.

1. Type of credit card based on Limit

With a credit card provider, Visa and Mastercard are the most widely used in Indonesia. How repayment can be done by way of installments or at once. The number of installments paid is calculated from the value of the Bills and balance with interest monthly. This payment must be made no later than maturity every month which is already set to the party that issued the credit card to the card holder. Delays in payment could result in a penalty or late charge. A credit card is also known to be used to make cash withdrawals through ATM or teller.


Visa Classic

This one credit card is a credit card with a limit (limit) the lowest, good for shopping and features. Generally, the maximum transacts limit up to Rp5 million did not vary much with limits of transactions issued by the national bank.

Visa Gold

Types of credit cards this one more exclusive than the Visa Classic due to coupled with some features of some discount merchant and higher credit limits. This card is owned by people who earn about Rp5 million to Rp25 million per month. Highest credit limits up to $ million, depending on the policy of the bank.

Visa Platinum

Credit card this one is widely used by business travelers for the prestige event. To have this card, the user must have an income of about Rp25 million and above per month or a minimum of Rp28 million. While the credit limit ranging from Rp75 million to unlimited.

Visa Signature

Credit card this one is very exclusive and only owned a few professions like entrepreneurs, top lawyers, physicians, and professional accountants. It still views further income. Maximum limits ranging from $ million up to unlimited. There are some additional facilities such as airport lounges to travel assists and golf membership.

Visa Infinite

Visa Infinite credit card are not offered to the public. This exclusive card owned by some people who have assets above the US $100 thousand in the form of cash. Credit limit starting from Rp50 million to unlimited, but generally to Rp250 million, depending on the number of your money stash. The more money Your stash, then the greater the credit limit. Some of the facilities offered by the credit card include travel assist, travel insurance, booking private jets, up to special priority pass.


Mastercard Classic

This type of card does not vary much with that issued by Visa. MasterCard Classic gets a credit limit up to Rp5 million. While the owner must earn a minimum of UMR to Rp50 million per year.

Mastercard Gold

This card is the kind of Classic. Does not vary much with Visa, Mastercard Gold has a credit limit up to $ million. Whereas the minimum standards of income are also not too much different from the Classic. However, for higher monthly dues.

Mastercard Platinum

Credit card platinum MasterCard property usually offers more features. Minimum credit limit is not too with Visa Platinum, ranging from unlimited million to Rp75, customize the user.

Mastercard World

MasterCard World almost similar to Visa Infinite. But each year a minimum of use must be in the amount of Rp75 million. If the user performs minimal credit transactions under the Rp75 million, then the user will be charged monthly or annual dues which will be adapted by each bank. The amount of the contributions is large enough.

2. Types of credit card based on the region of validity period

National Credit Card

This credit card is valid and can be used only in certain regions. Suppose can only be in the region of Indonesia. In fact, the affiliate company self-published her credit card for the service of a more practical and efficient for customers. Examples of companies that work together with the bank's own credit card issuer are the Hero, Astra, Garuda, Carrefour, Lotte, etc.

International credit card

International credit card types can be used as a means of payment in force around the world. One credit card market is dominated by two brands of credit cards that have worldwide, Visa and Mastercard. Both had over 100 million card holders scattered all over the Earth for each company. International credit cards can be used for transactions in the merchant's logo as follows:
-Dinners Club
-Carte Blanche
-American Express

Co-Branding card is a kind of plastic cards has risen over institutional cooperationManager with some banks. Examples are Visa and Mastercard.
Affinity cards, plastic cards are used to a certain group of people such as college students. An example is the BNI credit cards work together with universities in Indonesia universities.

Use it wisely

Although seen as a breakthrough that is so innovative in the world of economy, business, and management, the use of credit cards has 2 fixed sides, i.e. positive and negative side. For you as a party to the credit card holder, you will get the ease of shopping without the need to carry a lot of cash, can get cash anytime and in strategic places making it more flexible to meet the needs of the spur of the moment, as well as give the impression of a bona fide. Behind the positive side, there is also a negative side that may occur by you as the holder of the credit card. The use of a credit card will usually stimulate credit card holders to have the nature of wastes in the shop. In addition, some merchants even set a surcharge for all transactions. Sometimes also the given limit is too small so that before the limit repaid, you can't use a credit card to shop.

Apart from the positive side and negative on the credit card, the decision to have and use credit cards remain a personal decision people with all the considerations and consequences that may arise. Often happens many people cannot pay off the shopping Bill using a credit card for payment transactions. Not a few people who should be ashamed of not being able to shop because the Bills have not been paid shopping have approached or even reach the limit. It is also not uncommon that people feel credit card had pushed it into a private consumer. Although seen as an innovative product, credit cards still have the negative side if not used with a good self-control.Things you should take care when using these products is the realization that You 're actually owed.

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