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Anderson Insurance

Anderson Insurance
Anderson Insurance

Joseph H. Claudon and his father, D. N. Claudon, started a usual coverage company in Valparaiso, Indiana, in 1939. With the addition of son-in-law Charles Anderson in 1945 and of grandsons William and Barth Anderson in 1977, Anderson coverage celebrates 4 generations of the circle of relatives business.
Anderson firm conviction that Anderson insurance valued clientele greatest attention is Anderson insurance basic duty is as important to us these days as it was in 1939. A commitment to this conviction has lead to absorb boom through the years and the capacity for Anderson coverage to retaining its recognition for excellence across Porter County.
In 1997 we increase once once more to meet the display of Anderson insurance customers through the acquire of The Collins company of Valparaiso, a well-respected, 40-year-old firm. The former owner, Liz Collins, is now a useful member of Anderson insurance personnel, bringing her many years of hostile to help Anderson insurance purchasers. In 2001, Northern Indiana coverage company, a incredibly considered Valparaiso company, additionally joined Anderson coverage. In 2007 Barth Anderson retired and we modified Anderson insurance recall to mind from Claudon & Anderson to Anderson coverage.

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Anderson Insurance offers the personal and business products you need. Anderson insurance professional agents will consult with you on the coverage and premiums that meet your specific needs.

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