The Small Business Hidden Asset To Obtain Working Capital

The Small Business Hidden Asset To Obtain Working Capital - Today more and more merchants or small business owners rely on accepting credit cards as a form of payment. This actually is a good thing because your merchant account can also be used to secure the funding that you as a small business owner will need from time to time.
Securing financing for the small business owner is becoming more and more challenging. The fact is every small business owner come across a time when their business is in desperate need of a cash infusion for one reason or another.

The small business owner has always been a special kind of business person. They are completely in touch with their business and their customer. And because of this they know what their business and their customers need. They are always aware of the market trends that drive their business and know when it is time to capitalize on these trends. They know what needs to be done to stay ahead of the competition.
The reason many small businesses fail is not because of the lack of innovation or motivation but the lack of fast available funding these owners need to implement their ideas for business growth or expansion. Today more than ever every small business needs to stay at the top of their niche and remain competitive in the marketplace.

Today for the smart small business owner they are leveraging their future credit card receivables to secure the funding they need when they need it. This is their most powerful hidden asset. Today many small businesses are turning to credit card receivable funding companies, would now provide a business a cash advance against their merchant account future credit card receivables.
The Banking industry for years has been referring to this type of financing as account receivable factoring Only a few short years ago this concept of financing has been made available to the small business owner with a merchant account.

A business cash advance can be a great way for a company to get the funding it needs and pay the lender in a timely manner. Since the payments come directly from your credit card merchant account through a percentage of each credit card transaction your business makes, the amount due on the loan can be quickly and easily paid back.

The great thing about this funding id that is regulates with the type of business volume the merchant ids doing and does not choke the dash flow of the business. The small business owner is never strapped with a fixed monthly payment and never has to give a personal guarantee.

Also the application process for a merchant cash advance is very simple. The underwriting criteria are very different and more relaxed than traditional bank lending practices. The business cash advance for small business normally converts to an approval rate as high as 96% for qualified applicants.
With responsible management of this funding method the small business owner now can grow to new levels in their business because the money needed for growth is no longer an issue.

Anthony Vitrano has been helping small business grow since 2007 with supplying small business owners with a Small Business Cash Advance and all the options for them to make good decisions. Click here to get your FREE Personalized Merchant Cash Advance Options Report.

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