Donald Trump, the Laziest President in American History, Departs for 17-Day Golf Resort Vacation


"Do not take holidays. What's the factor? In case you're now not playing your work, you are inside the incorrect process," stated Donald trump knowingly in 2004. "Barack Obama played golf the day before this. Now he heads to a 10-day excursion on Martha's winery. Pleasant work ethic" determined Donald trump mockingly in 2010. "President Obama is about to embark on a 17-day excursion in his 'local' Hawaii," exclaimed Donald trump incredulously in 2013. "I would now not be a president who took vacations," promised Donald trump expectantly in 2015. "I am going to excursion for the following 17 days at a new jersey golfing resort with my call on it," whispered Donald trump, in all likelihood, in 2017.

Yes, the president will reportedly leave the white residence on Friday to start a 17-day live at trump national golfing membership in Bedminster, which historians agree with may be the longest duration that anybody who does now not are living complete-time in Somerset county will voluntarily tour to and stay in Somerset County. (imagine being informed that you may take an all-prices-paid excursion anywhere in the USA and select...New Jersey.) this is, of path, not the first time that trump has enjoyed time far from the white house on taxpayers' dime—the rate tag of his weekend jaunts this yr by myself is anticipated to outpace president Obama's complete eight-yr travel budget—however, it will likely be the lengthiest ride he is taken yet.

Because it so takes place, the white residence is present process renovations to its historical HVAC device this month, so so long as west wing staffers must clean out anyway, possibly now could be a sensible time for the president to break out—particularly for the reason that he apparently doesn't assume much of the location's condition as it's far. Plus, this is historically a popular time for presidents to get away the scary overdue-summer swampiness of Washington, which is usually unfit for human habitation among now and labor day. (of the path, none of these preceding excursion-taking presidents spent years disparaging the very idea of taking a holiday as president, but nonetheless.)

Anyway, I would love to take this opportunity to want Donald to trump the maximum relaxing, fresh, blissful vacation conceivable. Do not even fear about the grand jury that Robert Mueller has convened as a part of his sprawling investigation into your inner circle's alleged connections to the Russian authorities! It is probably fine! Just enjoy your self, guy! In fact, if at the quiet of 17 days in stunning (?) suburban new jersey you decide that you honestly can not bear to go away such an interesting (?) area and return to Washington to renew the tedious mission of governing, that is quite all proper. People will apprehend. source:gq.com

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