How to link Instagram to Facebook Business page

How to link Instagram to a Facebook Business page - Be careful, this tutorial is no longer topical. Linking Facebook pages and profiles is now no longer so simple. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't work. Feel free to test, you never know, but in most cases, it does not work anymore.

In this tutorial, I propose to discover how to link a Facebook Page to your Facebook profile ... and Good Luck!

On my personal blog, I wrote a long article that explains in a long and broad way how to create a Facebook Page. This article has met with some success, and every week I receive additional questions and comments to address this or that point in addition.

If you are going to take a look at the article, you will see that the comments are numerous (more than 70 to date) and that I put a point of honor to answer the main questions!

The previous week, I was sent a question by email to which I had never really thought.

I thought it was interesting to be able to give you the answer to everyone here.

Here's the question:

First of all, thank you for your tutorial on creating a FACEBOOK PAGE that I read with a lot of ATTENTION. However, I have a QUESTION to ask you: Do you know how to link the name of my employer (...) That I have informed on my FACEBOOK profile (...) To my FACEBOOK PAGE (...)?

So this operation is actually quite simple to achieve, and not only is it possible to link its profile to a page, but it is also quite possible to link a page to a profile.

"Basic", there is no visible link between a profile and a page, but it is therefore quite possible to correct this lack in a fairly effective way with Facebook.

Here's how to do it (assuming you have a personal profile – and a page – company, brand or another page).

Link his profile to a Facebook Page

In this first part, we will focus on linking his personal profile to his Facebook Page.

The interest of this manipulation is to be able to create a link from your personal profile to your page inside the "Employer" section that appears on your profile.

To do this, simply go to your profile and then click on "Refresh my Information".

Once in the personal information management module, you have the option to select a current employer for your profile.

By typing the first letters of your employer, if it matches the name of your page, then you will have the possibility to create a link between your profile and your page.

If you had added this information to Facebook before you created the Page of your business, then you need to delete your current employer and fill it in again. This will recreate the link neatly and not link your profile to a page automatically generated by Facebook.

's! You now have a nice link to your page that will probably allow your contacts to be able to visit this one!

Link his Page to his Facebook profile

In this second part, we will carry out the same manipulation but this time in the goal to link your business page to your profile.

The interest of this manipulation is to be able to make your profile appear in the information of your page and so you put a little more forward if you like the limelight!

To do this, you must, of course, be a director of your company's Facebook Page and also have a personal profile.

Before you start, go to your Page. Once on this one, go to its administration by clicking on "Edit Page", then on "Refresh information".

In your page's administration interface, select the "featured" options in the left menu, and then enable the "page owners" highlight. You have the option to select "Who" should be put forward.

Once this manipulation is done, if your visitors click on the "About" section just below the profile image of your page, they will now be able to see a new section displaying the "Owners of the page".

This manipulation has a less important interest today since the transition to the Timeline format of Facebook Pages because the owners are put forward in the information "about" and not on the page itself, but you never know! This can be a nice opportunity to offer your fans the opportunity to get in touch with you more directly!

So, by realizing these two manipulations, you just link your Facebook Page to your Facebook profile ... and good luck

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