9 Tips to Improve Conversion Rate in Google Adwords

Google Adwords is a very influential tool in sales of a product or service. Knowing and knowing how to use it to our advantage can determine the success of an ad campaign, and dramatically increase sales.

We've prepared 9 tips so you can advertise well and increase your conversion rate.

9 Tips to Improve Conversion Rate in Google Adwords

1. Use specific keywords

Too broad keywords can mean more clicks but fewer conversions. What often happens is when the user searches for a product or service, searches for anything specific, not for example a more comprehensive keyword, such as the name of a brand. An example. Which of these keywords will probably have more conversions?

"Apple smartphones"
"Apple iPhone 6"

Most likely "Apple iPhone 6". This keyword may have fewer impressions than, in this case, the brand name "Apple". But being more specific, it corresponds better to what the user is looking for, so he has more chances of a higher number of conversions.

2. Use dynamic keywords

The relevance of keywords is crucial. The more relevant the user is to the keywords used in the ad, the greater the likelihood of click and conversion.

So dynamic keywords are a good solution. They allow terms used in the search by the user to appear in the ad, and in bold (bold) .

For example, if a user searches for "Fiat Cars" and another user for "Renault Cars", the searched keyword, as long as it is in our ad group, will appear automatically in the ad.

3. Include prices and promotions in the ad

Inserting the price of the ad can be an asset to the user, especially if the price of the product or service we sell is competitive. If the user clicks on the ad, we know there is a potential interest in buying the product at the displayed price. If the price is not inviting, the user will not click, saving us the cost of that click.
Promotions are an effective way of attracting the click.

4. Align copy with the right landing page

Ad copy, especially if it relates to specific products or services, should be in line with the landing page to which the ad is being forwarded. We do not want a user who searched for "HP Pavilion Notebook" to be referred to a landing page where all brands of laptops are presented.

In addition to the keywords used in the ad, they should also be included in the landing page. If this occurs, the quality score will improve and consequently reduce the CPC - cost-per-click of the keyword.

5. Remarketing

One of the most effective ways to regain the opportunity to sell. Google Adwords lets you display ads in a personalized way, based on the landing page that a user visited. Even if you have not made the purchase, an ad about that same product or service will be repeatedly displayed on the google ad network.
Ideal for reminding the user, and encouraging the purchase.

6. Implement best CTR practices

If we get a better click rate, we'll be better able to convert. It is therefore important that we implement the best CTR practices. We suggest this Search Engine Journal article with 50 strategies to increase CTR , which addresses the process for identifying opportunities for a campaign, the concrete benefits of increasing click through rate, and the strategies used by PPC managers to increase the clicks on paid search campaigns.

7. E-commerce: Product Listing Ads

For those who have online stores, Adwords product listings are an effective way to show product ads. By submitting a database and listing of the products that we have available in our store, to our Google Merchant Center account, which should be associated with Adwords, the ads of the products in our store are automatically presented according to the searched keywords by users.

8. Use Calls-to-Action

For more clicks and more conversions, CTAs are usually words that influence the ad reader to act. It is necessary to encourage the user to take some action on the ad presentation. Expressions such as "Buy now", "Order now", "Call today", "Subscribe", "Ask for a quote", will suggest to the ad reader the next step, whether to order a product, subscribe to a magazine subscription, or Ask for a quote for a service.

9. Boost the mobile

Advertising on mobile devices, depending on industry and market, can be even more profitable than desktop advertising from a click-through and conversion point of view. Especially for local advertisers. If a user is in a certain place to buy a certain product, search and find the ad of your store, it will be easy to choose for you. It could be a very good bet.

Using Google Adwords to advertise your products or services is a good strategy to increase visits and consequently to generate more leads by filling the top of the marketing funnel.

An important part of generating more leads is having good landing pages that are focused on conversion. In this video (webinar recording) you can learn more about building landing pages to generate more results:

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