Advantages of SMS Marketing, Must Read!

Advantages of SMS Marketing - It is today that you will no longer have doubts about implementing SMS in your company's marketing strategy. We start by saying that the investment is low and the high. But to know more you will need to read this article.

SMS Marketing is one more effective way to communicate with your customers. If you are not using it yet, it is because you are distracted. Note that the overwhelming majority of consumers use a smartphone and access it over and over again to the Internet. Enjoy and send SMS text messages up to 150 characters to your database of customer's mobile phone numbers. Disclose relevant information about your company, brand, product/service, business area and also promotions, offers and personalized messages of happy birthday, among others. The cost is low and the benefits are high! Learn more about other advantages.

Know the advantages of SMS marketing

Advantages of SMS Marketing

1. Low investment

One of the advantages of SMS service is that the cost of implementation is relatively low. Browse and compare SMS service solutions and see how to send written messages to a large number of recipients simultaneously and receive responses to those messages, automatically, quickly and simply.

2. Immediatism

SMS is fast, almost immediate. Seconds after you send the message, the customer can query it through their smartphone, as long as they are connected to the Internet. There are other marketing strategies that are also fast, such as email marketing, but none compares in speed to sending SMS.

3. Opening almost instantaneous

Recent studies reveal that the opening time of an SMS is 90% up to 5 seconds after receiving it. Need more arguments?

4. High opening rate

In addition to being immediate, SMS Marketing has a huge opening rate. While most of the email that the recipient receives is not even read, virtually all outgoing SMS is opened and read because it is difficult to resist curiosity when you hear the message signal or the vibrating sound from your smartphone.

5. High conversion rate

SMS Marketing has a high conversion rate, meaning there are more message recipients taking action (for example, visiting the site or a landing page) than other marketing strategies.

6. Segmentation

SMS Marketing is part of a flexible platform. Messages can be selected for a target group or sent to thousands of people. Therefore, since a good marketing campaign must be segmented to fit the needs of each group or segment, SMS is the ideal way to achieve market niches in the right way.

7. Customization

Each message, even if it is sent to a group of people, can contain a customizable field, for example with the name of the person or any other information that varies according to the telephone number.

8. Integration

Many of the SMS services integrate easily with any other digital marketing strategy of your company, namely email marketing.

9. Instant enrollment and removal

The receipt of an SMS is instantaneous but its removal is also instantaneous. With the emergence of various types of shortcuts, it is very simple for the user to sign up or remove from the list.

10. Interaction

With SMS messages you can easily interact with your customers and call them attention to a campaign, the deadline for a discount, the launch of a service, the date of delivery of a product, etc.

11. Security

An SMS message is more reliable than an email, for example, and will not stop spam. It is the most direct link you can have with your customers.

12. Objectivity

The fact that you have to use SMS messages very shortly helps you to send objective, clear and concise content (to the liking of today's consumers) and this facilitates the transmission of the message with success. It may be difficult for your marketing team to summarize text in just over 100 characters but for the consumer, it is always preferable to read only (only!) Relevant content.

13. Modernity

Sending SMS is a way to communicate even more modernized than email, so show your customers how you are ahead of the competition, abreast of technological trends!

14. Unlimited market potential

The number of smartphones sold grows more and more around the world. And there is no distinction of age, social class, creed, or interests that is not represented here. And the trend is for the number to continue to rise. So, you no longer have excuses for not using SMS Marketing.

15. Environmentally Friendly

The use of SMS is considered a green strategy, environmentally friendly, as are all other digital marketing strategies because SMS does not harm the environment. Another point of relevance to consider.

And now take a step forward and implement this marketing technique with very high potential for success and return on investment.

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