How to Stimulate Creativity at Work

If in your company people are looking at a blank page without knowing how to start a project, this article interests you. Is very!

Creativity is not something associated only with artistic activities. The blockades do not just happen to painters and marketing technicians. New ideas are not just needed in the advertising arena. None of this! All professional areas require some creativity, more or less depending on the business. And in all of them, it's hard to keep the inspiration at the top.

It can happen to anyone to be short of ideas. And it is possible to develop strategies to get innovative ideas and maintain a constant flow of creation. Learn how by reading this article!

How to increase creativity in your company

1. Improve one aspect of your job every day

Focus on the head that has to improve one aspect of your work every day and ask your employees to do the same. At the end of the day, get together to talk about what you have been able to do differently and better.

If one day is not enough for your team, improve things over a week or even a month. The important thing is that it does so because the improvements can be used by all employees of the company or at least by those who have the same processes at hand. And after a while, you'll end up putting together several creative and effective techniques for your company that no one (yet) had thought of.

2. Write down everything

Do you sometimes have big ideas that just do not come to you at the right time? Sometimes a colleague talks to you about a new idea but does not have time to listen to it? The solution may be to write down and invite everyone to write down their ideas, whenever they come up, whether they seem feasible or not. And save them to examine in other situations.

3. Ask for help from outside the company.

Often, other people can contribute with innovative visions for your business. So do not be ashamed to ask opinions from colleagues who can contribute knowledge and critical analysis of your work.

The way new ideas come in is not the most important, what matters is knowing how to ask for constructive help whenever you realize that you are struggling to move forward on your own. If possible, invite people from other sectors of your company to the brainstorming sessions, and ask them how they would solve their problems (this can also be done with clients).

4. Betting on your employees

One way to instill the creative capacity of your employees is by recognizing their skills and enabling them to perform tasks that will certainly perform better. People with greater autonomy and confidence feel more comfortable giving their opinion.

5. Encourage proactivity

Whoever wants to have collaborators who perform their tasks efficiently and always beyond what is asked of them, must encourage them, be it with praise, or with prizes, or with increases. Proactive people are also more creative, so you should value who works best in your company.

6. Encourage teamwork

The key to increasing the gestation of ideas in any company is to help people begin to act creatively as a group. Supporting and stimulating teamwork is a key factor in providing the opportunity to develop innovation and a way of avoiding accommodation and the emptiness of ideas.

Maximizing a team's potential means practicing networking and encouraging cooperation among members. And from this cooperation is often born the genial idea for a project, or at least the exchange of tips and impressions that, in a second moment, can sketch interesting ideas. Do not forget that an element that apparently does not mean anything alone in certain contexts may be just the person who was missing in the process.

7. Maintain a good working environment

A good relationship between employees creates a good working environment. Everything you need to feel comfortable to create and innovate. However, the internal politics of your company is a factor of great importance in the good (or bad) coexistence between all. Failure to facilitate cooperation and the development of proposals does not create comfortable feelings that lead to creativity. So make it clear that you accept changes that add newness and value to your business and to your employees. With the bosses open to innovation, teams are encouraged to invest in creative ideas.

8. Make a "brainstorming announcement"

Put a "brainstorming announcement" on your company bulletin board, or wherever everyone else sees it, to encourage people to participate with ideas. To do this, write a theme or problem on a colored card and paste it in the center of the frame. Provide access to small self-adhesive post-it notes so that employees can write and paste their ideas on the board. It's cool and fun at the same time!

9. Create the "creative space"

Create a place, room, or corner of a room where your company's employees can go and sit down a bit to think creatively. This space should be comfortable, preferably have orange walls (color more stimulating for creativity) and books, videos, photos and games that stimulate the imagination.

10. Review the classics

Did you know that creativity comes with knowledge? The more referrals you have to your collaborators, the more repertoire you will have to base your theories or sediment your successful projects according to your needs.

11. Observe other environments and realities

Do not just look at your belly button. There are other environments, departments, groups, and projects that can help you analyze your reality. There is no problem in studying what other competing companies are doing, on the contrary this research can only contribute to improving their work.

On the other hand, when you are working as a team, try listening to the experiences of colleagues, particularly those who have been in the company for a short time. Do not forget that people who have worked together for a long time end up having very similar thoughts and that means they end up always committing the same flaws. So you should invest in new relationships inside and outside the company.

12. Promote "Bright Ideas Notebook"

An original idea for raising good ideas and stimulating people's creativity is creating a notebook for brilliant ideas. It is enough to arrange an A4 notebook and pass it on to its employees with the instruction that they should note in the notebook three ideas a day for a month on how to improve a certain procedure (for example, how to increase sales of product X or how to improve service Y ). At the end of the month, pick up the notebook, categorize your written ideas, and then discuss them with your group, deciding what the best suggestions are, and how to implement them.

13. Create the "wall of fame"

Transform a wall of a room or aisle of your company into the wall of fame, like photos of employees who had ideas that were successfully implemented. And below the photo, write a short text describing the idea in question and the benefits it brought to the company.

14. Mix rational with intuitive

When brainstorming, try to divide the collaborators into thinkers with left (rational) and right (intuitive) sides. Ask the rational practical, conventional, and logical suggestions. And ask the intuitive unconventional suggestions. Then combine the groups and discuss the suggestions.

15. Do not Be Perfectionist

Some projects only materialize in practice, that is, you have to have a good concept, but waiting until all the details are perfect to launch something new can be harmful. Do not be a perfectionist: create a solid foundation and then yes, go improve the project gradually.

16. Change to "Yes and ..."

A very simple way to improve or perfect an idea is to force your collaborators to comment on their colleagues' ideas by beginning the phrase "Yes and ..." instead of "Yes but ...".

17. Always ask for three solutions

Often times you lose time thinking that an action will not work or can not be performed when you should be thinking about how to make it work. Now an idea to fill this form of accommodation is to ask your employees for a list of three goals or tasks that they think can not be fulfilled. Then simply ask them to come up with three solutions to each of these problems.

18. Value the absurd ideas

An ingenious idea may have been considered absurd. It is not unusual for initially rejected ideas to succeed in the future. It is normal to put aside the stranger but make an effort not to immediately devalue an idea that may even become a more viable proposition to your reality. Instead of saying "no" say "why not?".

19. Give feedback

Do not forget to give your collaborators feedback on the ideas presented, even if they have been rejected. If the employee does not receive a response to his / her proposal, he / she can not improve or amend mistakes and this can only result in a result: lack of encouragement to present new suggestions.

20. Rest

A quality sleep is also important to replenish the energies and maintain health, fundamental factors to have a good disposition and to be more creative. So do not neglect: give your mind time to turn off, reorganize ideas and fix learned content.

Both a productive break can give good results as quality sleep can be important for creativity. Sleep allows the brain to rearrange its activities and dream, and through the search for meaning in the symbolism of dreams, new creative solutions can be found!

To unveil contents of dreams is to have access to new elements that can enrich the understanding of lived situations and problems faced.

Promote creativity within your company. Use these tips to be even more creative and enunciate your own tips to stimulate people's imagination. In any case, do not let the source dry.

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