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Online marketing, as the name suggests, means that you place your business in an online marketplace to allow you to interact with your audience within and beyond your reach. GetResponse is a complete online marketing platform tailored to suit your industry in many ways. It is superior to any other email marketing software because of its efficient customer service, a clean and easy-to-use user interface, and many other incredible features that make it optimistic about others. Established in 1997 as an email marketing software provider, they now have over 350,000 customers, with an employee force of more than 300 employees. It is embedded with experienced marketers who have been in the industry for years, combined with creative teams and analysts.

If your goal is to save time and money, improve your business' reputation, create a better user experience and feedback, then GetResponse is here for you.

We should look at your marketing automation feature on which I must confess, it makes it very easy for you to eject your products and get measurable results.

GetResponse Review

All your email processes are automated

Automating email processes dramatically reduces the time spent interacting with customer activity once you have designed your email using over 1000 images at your disposal and forwarding it to your customers. For example, if you send a shopping list email, the customer can send an email if he or she does not open the mail after 2 days or open the email but did not click on any of the links and much more. Manually passing the steps to each client can be very time to consume, but with GetResponse you can save a lot of time and see the interaction of your customer with your product using the analysis.

The workflow planner is a great feature in GetResponse that makes it very easy for you to plan your emails and works with an "if this then" principle. You can create processes in the planner with your content already done, and the system automatically updates all the tools that you have access to if you change or update your plan. The workflow scheduler makes use of filters, triggers, and conditions.

Automatic email sending

This ensures that your audience receives your emails automatically, at times stipulated by you, without you sending them manually at that time. This involves you configuring and allowing the system to go through this process for you. Segmentation can also be done through which mail is structured so that it is segmented towards each audience based on interest. This feature is present in all GetReponse packages and not limited to one. This increases your conversion rate dramatically.

Amazing Webinar Software

Webinar software is a tool designed for you to track your calls and increase your conversion rate. This saves costs to buy extra software to collect leads with your customers. The webinar consists of searches, file sharing, chat, and video. It consists of a feature for chatting, searching, sharing images and files, whiteboards and saving as YouTube videos, which makes extra content for your company. You can also schedule your sessions, track and keep in touch with your calls.

Easy to use Page Builder

The unique page builder allows you to create amazing destination pages by choosing from hundreds of responsive templates all ready provided, all you have to do is adjust the template to customize it. You do not need to know how to code because you will not even see any of it. All you have to do is just adjust the settings and move some things around (drag and drop). This saves a lot of money because you do not need the services of any professional web designer to create a landing page for your product. An important feature of page creator is that you do not need plugins for you to create your application form, this is not so for other online marketing platforms. With an incredible and unique landing page, your conversion rate increases and your customer keeps coming back for more. They are also optimized for mobile devices, which makes it impressive on mobile devices as well.

Manage your traffic

This ensures that the activities of your customers Your website is at your disposal. You can also know if a customer does not complete the purchase and get an idea of why that happened and ways to fix it. The analysis also shows the number of visitors on your site, clickthrough rates, conversion rates and more. This saves money from having to get a third party to measure traffic and commitments.

In addition, you can conduct surveys on your traffic is coming, this includes your needs and what they want to accomplish by visiting your site. The search can easily be created by filling out a form and adding a thank you page. After the survey is performed, GetResponse analyzes and interprets the data in graphs for you.

In conclusion

GetResponse consists of email marketing, landing pages, webinar function, market research and traffic statistics and more than 130 applications to integrate, you have everything you need to implement and manage your entire online marketing strategy. It also comes with an incredible 30-day free trial period without the need for credit card details. It is very cost effective and saves time on a whole marketing tool that meets all of your online marketing business needs.

Disclaimer: I have no material connection, financial participation for GetResponse. I'm just a GetResponse user who wants to share my experience.

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