Tips for Avoiding Credit Card Fraud

How can I avoid fraud with my credit card? This response is almost spiritual, I have a lot of friends, from the most varied social classes, and I've heard many of them saying they were victims of credit card fraud, and I'm not talking about simple credit cards, people with Platinum, Gold, Green, and Blue.

In recent years there has been an increase in access to credit cards and we can not deny that currently, all the people we know have some type of credit and debit card. Unfortunately, with this growth of access to credit, another industry is growing together, which takes advantage of security flaws in use and fraudulates credit cards in several ways, the catching methods have changed little more, and continue to victimize thousands of people with credit cards.

My mother even had problems with theft of card number and security code in a gallery shop in the central region of São Paulo, more precisely in Bom Retiro, fortunately the administrator verified the misuse and refunded the values made with purchases through the internet, that is to say that they had nothing to do with the card's purchase history in the last 12 months.

It is not only in Brazil that this issue of credit card fraud has become increasingly common among people, worldwide the incidence of this type of crime has increased and, being a victim of this type of fraud can bring many inconveniences. When you get a credit card, find out what anti-fraud features are offered by your credit card company? As unbelievable as it sounds, cardholders hardly know what security features their credit card offers.

Fraud protection insurance

Do insurance protection, is this legal? Perhaps, depending on the circumstance having an extra security feature can be beneficial, especially in cases of theft, robbery or fraudulent events. Although it costs around $ 4.90 a month, this can help minimize partial or even total losses.

Today, those who want a credit card will find a series of banks, financial institutions, credit companies and card administrators for free choice, there are cards for people with no income, with a limit of R $ 400.00 and cards according to the proponent's income is possible to get up without any credit limits like the " American Express Green ", and even so they are not taken care of to protect their credit cards.

But all is not lost, most card issuers and administrators are fully aware of fraudulent methods, ways, ways and events made with credit cards, and many companies are able to stop problems before we even know it.

Fraud Prevention

One of the best ways to prevent credit card fraud is to keep track of where you used, how you used it, and how you handled your card. If your credit card is issued by your bank or you have online access to your invoice in real time, just take a weekly look to see if this is all right, if you have any divergence in the expense report, just contact administrator and report fraud or undue debt, block the use card and the additional. Usually the card management company itself informs, blocks and takes all necessary steps.

Security Tips

  1. Be very careful with PHISHING in emails, do not respond to any of your credit card information, it may be PHISHING, usually, companies and administrators do not send emails with requests for personal information or confirmation of data.
  2. Keep your credit card close to your view all the time, do not let them scan your card in another environment. The handling of your card should be made in your presence and close to your eyes. When getting your card back, make sure it is your card immediately after use.
  3. Keep your credit card always in a safe place and away from third-party access whenever you travel or spend some time without using it.
  4. Control the transactions with your credit card, in some places it is better to use cash than the card, if you suspect any improper handling with your card, the complaint is always the best solution.

Of course, there are many ways to prevent card fraud, keeping track of your card's movements, including SMS, is the most agile way to control the damage a fraud could cause.

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