Review UpCloud: CloudVPS with MaxIOPS

So I get the question how the quality of UpCloud? Because I myself rarely checked new provider, eventually all just writing the review. Who knows more suited our needs. And the original decision I make more reviews to UpCloud that provides the location of Singapore, which is clearly a major consideration of the user so that in Indonesia.

UpCloud alone there is cloud-based server provider, yes like DigitalOcean Vultr lah and his system. And for a product that I'm talking about is a package of the most low-cost USD 5 a month:

  • 1 CPU
  • RAM 1024 MB
  • 25 GB Disk

The unique thing they write speed I/O using IOPS. And given its own 500 Mbps bandwidth (if trial 100 Mbps). The location is obviously SG.

What do we get?

As always starts with what processors:

The structure of storage:

And the default memory:

Okay, Let's check the performance!
If only talking specs, then this is in fact already very competitive with DigitalOcean and Vultr for tariff relief. So no loss as well, staying how its performance.

To generally benchmark I always trust bench.sh:

OK, no problems or anomalies in the results. I/O is still good, it definitely belongs to the SSD or NVMe. Whereas in bandwidth/connectivity also result is still sufficient as this in SG location. Obviously, there is no downside.

And then we continue with testing performance VPSnya system extensively utilizes the UnixBench:

Long story short, his score included no less with Vultr and DigitalOcean to the same location. You can compare themselves with the review and benchmark I've done before for the second provider.

But in the value of Single-Core 3830 multi-core 3683 of GeekBench is indeed superior to 50% better than both of its competitors. So obviously CPU VPS UpCloud better, probably because of UpCloud itself still new so that the hardware itself is obviously more modern.


I get UpCloud own review request because the question "he said" UpCloud is better than Vultr or DigitalOcean. Meanwhile, from my experience, it's very responsive SSHnya access, there is no delay at all any execution. Whereas in benchmarks, maybe if the needs we need to use the CPU intensively then UpCloud is indeed better. But the rest are still equivalent.

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