A2Hosting Review: 20X Faster Web Hosting

Superman indeed just imaginary, but super hosting it's really there. Introduce A2hosting, best web hosting overseas.

OK, enough of my sentence above is indeed feels like advertising language, now it's time again to the language of the review, why my A2hosting refer to as Superman in the world of hosting.

A2hotsting, maybe not many who know the brand of original web hosting the US. Web hosting was formed in 2013 is indeed not much advert funds spent heavily. Their promotion more romantic, through word of mouth, as I was doing this.

The reason why A2hosting crowned as best foreign web hosting is simple enough, but the most vital, namely speed and reliability. Let's discuss further web hosting A2hosting.

Pros: very fast website Access. Very reliable, server rarely down. Don't oversell. Many special features for WordPress and e-commerce. "Unlimited" bandwidth and SSD. Eco-friendly green web hosting. Daily backup. SSD. Free SSL. Many of the options package.
Disadvantages: no DDOS protection, but can be overcome with the Cloudflare. The price trap (read carefully price before buy).
Suitable for: blogs, forums, E-commerce, small to large websites.
Server Location: Singapore, The US, Europe (Amsterdam).
Price: Starting $3.92 */month.


Unlimited. Unlimited bandwidth and SSD.
Control Panel: cPanel.
Support: phone, live chat, ticket, email.
Payment: PayPal, credit card, check, and its transfer account.

Other Limitation

Limit E-mail: Sent to more than 500 e-mail addresses.

Physical Memory: 512 MB Lite:. Swift: 1 GB. Turbo: 2 GB.

Concurrent HTTP connection: maximum of 35 on shared hosting.

Inode limit: the maximum number of files that can be stored. Shared: 600ribu inodes (files). VPS: inode 2 million.

Maximum backup Server Rewind: 50 GB quota.

The processor on your shared hosting: Lite: 1 core @ 2.1 GHz. turbo and Swift: core 2 @ 2.1 GHz.

Free: Let's Encrypt SSL migration, website, Yahoo ads credit (US only).

The cost of the Downgrade package Downgrade affected costs: $25.

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