Kamatera Hosting Review

Kamatera is a cloud service platform provider that provides different types of cloud hosting and servers globally in every corner. IT provides cloud infrastructure for all kinds of customers ranging from small businesses to companies.

Kamatera was founded in the year 1995 as an international IT service provider on a global platform that caters to millions of thousands of customers with the latest cloud computing technology.

With more than 20 years of experience, she has experience in cloud computing and caters to many customers, including beginners, professionals, companies and SaaS vendors. It Has 12 global data centers with thousands of servers located around the world, making it easier for customers to access the fastest server near their location.

As we said to get to heaven you need speed and reliability and Kamatera has it. It Has high-performance servers that lead to fast processing and reaction times. To provide the best computing technology in the cloud, your hardware and infrastructure continues to be updated by deploying the best technologies around the world.

Kamatera guarantees an activity time of 99.9% not only for words, but demonstrates it using cutting-edge technologies such as 600Gbit bandwidth, SSD hard disks and Intel E5 V4 Xeon processors.

Their knowledge is the high performance servers with zero maintenance. With Most technologically advanced products specially tailored for Premium customers, Kamateragarante does not have a single point of failure with a 99.95% Activity time guarantee. With Premium features like the live technical chat around the clock and Pay at the time base with the greatest satisfaction they have become one of the most influential players in the cloud industry.


Kamatera maintains its quality in all its products in the cloud by providing flexible and scalable cloud-based products. IT provides cloud and managed cloud infrastructure.

Cloud Servers:

KAMATERA Cloud servers are regular services that are like a virtual machine located in the cloud infrastructure. It Offers features such as infinite scalability as well as unbeatable price performance.
Cloud Servers is a leading cloud product that is suitable for all types of customers, from startups to large companies. It can be used for websites, SaaS products, applications, companies, etc.

Servers in the cloud are usually activated in 2-5 minutes and come with an instant upscaling and downscaling, 99.5% uptime guaranteed, no hardware maintenance, low cost of ownership and unbeatable prices. As Kamatera has been on the market for years and has the vast level of server experience in the cloud. Its unbeatable prices and the highest performing cloud servers are for everyone. One Can start in minutes, and the best part is that it comes with a free 30 day trial. Why not try it out!

Cloud Servers with Web hosting panel:

The Kamatera Cloud Server can be set up instantly with your favorite Web hosting control Panel. This is one of the best solutions for companies that make their own hosting solutions.
Companies with various websites, bloggers, Internet affiliate vendors, e-commerce sites are the ideal choice for the cloud server with the pre-installed Web hosting control Panel. There are enormous benefits like complete administration on your server with custom control Panel. You Can easily upload files, administration sites, CMS, emails, etc. You Can configure cPanel/WHM for Linux servers, and Plesk (any version) for servers with the pre-installed Windows operating model is available with Kamatera for use on servers in the cloud

Private Cloud Network:

The Private Cloud Network (PCN) is a cloud computing model for businesses and organizations. Enables A private cloud computing environment for your business IT provides exclusive access to your data, eliminating security or privacy issues.
The Kamatera Private Cloud network is profitable, ultralight comes with greater overall security in the cloud.

Managed Cloud Services:

Kamatera Performance Cloud provides managed add-on services for your servers in the cloud. Thus, you can fully enjoy high-performance cloud servers and their application in it. Kamatera will do all the management in the cloud infrastructure for you.
These are the most requested services in all sectors, as we all need proper management. Cloud management is an important part, because, without a properly managed cloud dashboard or buying an unmanaged cloud, it's a challenge for entrepreneurs unless they have a highly trained cloud technician on their side.

Hourly Billing  Yes
DDOS Protection  No
Available for a fee through the Firewall feature.
Backups  No
Backups are available for a fee: "Extended daily backups" at $3/month for a 20GB VM.
Snapshots are available for a fee ($5 per GB/month).
Control Panel  Custom
SSH Keys Setup  No
Total Number of Datacenters  13
Number of Datacenter Continents  4
Monitoring Charts  Yes
CPU, RAM, Network, Disk
Admin REST API  Yes
Upgrade VPS from admin console  Yes
Mobile Friendly UI  Yes
Accepted Forms of Payment  Credit cards
Hidden CPU Model  No
Affiliate Program  Yes
Firewall  No
It consists of a separate VM setup with the pfSense image which implements firewall and router.

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